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NIVIA Sports Customised orders

Frequently asked questions and conditions.

  • Minimum order of apparel quantity of a team set making is of 12 on wards.

  • This includes a range of sports sets such as football, basket ball, volley ball, track suits, polos, tees and more.

  • Standard polyester sports apparel with transfer heat print, single and double sublimation customized printing for patterns and colours.

  • Select from the Nivia catalog available in store or on their website or alter on the heat transfer sets.

  • Some of the products, colours, designs and fabrics may not be available.

  • Quality materials and printing equipment are used for lasting value prints.

  • The team coordinator needs to visit the store once for clarity, to check and decide on the fabric, quality of the printing, differences in the finished product. Rest of the coordination is facilitated remotely.

  • Please schedule your visit during store hours.

  • Design ideas can be used by the team from our website or a search from google.

  • Sublimation printing technology permits a limitless range of patterns and colours. We will however not infringe upon patents and trademark designs. There may be a variance in the colours as well.

  • Pricing estimate is provided at this point however is dependent on the final work.

  • Design charges of Rs 3500/- will be collected in advance and adjusted against successful order.  A total of 2 designs, ie. draft and final, is part of these charges and shared with the team coordinator. 

  • Final pricing is based on quantity, fabric, print and final work required. 

  • Customized work entails more labour, shipping costs and time.

  • Sports goods like bags, bottles, footballs which require a logo is undertaken with a minimum quantity of 50 units.

  • Once your order is finalized, 80% is collected, including all the details such as name, number, sizes. The balance is due on delivery.

  • Once the order design is finalized, there will be no more changes other than an increase in quantity. So please be decisive.

  • Nivia has an active production line and orders finalized are queued for production.

  • Based on the current scenario of the production line orders require 14-18 days after confirmation.

  • Delivery is priced for pick up at the store.

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