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Prakrida is a partner distributor for Adidas products and has a counter in store.


As an experienced foundation level coach, the collaboration is to work with the local Adidas distributor as a specialist to source the right football products primarily for the academies, school teams, clubs and the recreational player. These considering usage, price, quality and design.  The cleats are best tried and bought at the store for fit as each of the designs have a different foot width for example.

The choices available today is vast and retail distribution is more complex. Purchasing a football shoe online however may be a frustrating exercise considering the fit, usability and constant change in designs. This especially considering the negative impact of poor fitting shoes.


As a small business I am selective on the models and types of stock for functionality. If you are looking for a specific model, color, price point or latest design, please do inquire as I may not stock them.  This applies to other products such as footballs, stockings and so on. The catalog below is indicative and subject to change.

Please check our Instagram page as well for latest arrivals.


Adidas and Prakrida working towards an easy access of specialty football products.

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