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The annual kids foundation program, June- March.

The early stages of development is the key! We engage the kids in the basics of football for a healthy lifestyle. Our foundation program for boys and girls, from 5-16 years, works on their early physical development and athleticism using football. Our coaches, adapt to the slow and fast learners and keep them interested with various methods and fun aspects of the sport. We coach kids considering their age and competency. After their trials or annual training period, we assess them for a change in level progressively. This would mean they play with older children to continue improving their game at a higher difficulty level. Several children in our academy are playing for their school teams and short term leagues.

Our primary focus at the early age and stage is for the child to have fun and learn the progressive techniques of the sport. We however are working in the back ground to develop them in several aspects of physical, mental, technical and social aspects of the sport. It gets crucial when they are about 12 years on decisions of further competitive development. The maximum number of years spent in coaching and development will make a significant difference. We see our role here in these early ages in preparation for the big stage. Regularity is our way forward!

Slot timings may have occasional changes considering facility requirements. Considering coaching observations, students may be moved batches considering their learning opportunity.

Those who have mastered our work in a few years, show merit and interest in competitive football, move to more intense and bigger playing league formats. We are building path ways to hand our competitive students from aged 11 years to other larger academies.

  • Lego: Age 5-7 years, boys and girls. 0945-1100hrs, Sat/Sun, JBS Football Ground. 

  • Advanced: Age 7-12 years, boys and girls. 0830-945hrs, Sat/Sun, JBS Football Ground. 

  • FastTrack (Selection): Age 12-16 years, boys and girls. 1930-2100hrs, Fri, JBS Football Ground & 1700-1830hrs, Sun, SUFC.

  • U9/U11 League team, Wed: 1830-1945, Sat/Sun: 0945-1100hrs, JBS.

The facility address:

JBS Football Ground. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Rd, Krishnappa Garden, C V Raman Nagar, Bengaluru- 560075.

South United Football Club, (SUFC), RBANM's Grounds, Gate, No 3, Gangadhar Chetty Rd, near Ulsoor, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042.

Fees and charges:

1. An annual registration fee of Rs. 2500/- will be charged on admission or due annually. Rs 3000/- for goal keepers. These fees are non refundable and utilized to source training equipment & uniforms. These may therefore change annually based on market costs of products as they are sourced collectively for minimum quality standards and progressive needs.

  • Quality uniform players kit comes along with the registration.

  • Our current kit maker is Nivia-India`s own sports super brand.

  • The uniform kit will comprise of one fully customized set of name/number-jersey, short and stockings.

  • Goal keepers kit will comprise of one set of full sleeve padded jersey/ pant and stockings.

  • Additional jersey sets can be ordered at Rs 1800/- per set from Jun-Oct. If joining after, you may need to wait until the next issuance.

  • All students must have their own football based on their age and must bring them to the training or matches. This was factored as part of the kit costs but now made optional.

  • Football size- Upto 8 years size 3, 8-12 years size 4. Above 12 years size 5. These can be purchased in store at special prices for Prakrida students.

  • Football shoes and shin guards are mandatory and look to the Prakrida specialized football store to purchase the right pair at value.

The uniform kit is ordered in bulk and is processed in batches at the start of the annual program. These are coordinated and in case you may have joined in late, there may be a delay. The kit may take up to 2-3 weeks in case of a size issue on confirmation and payment. The jersey sets and stockings are available at the store to sample.

The store specializes with other football accessories that you may need such as a water bottle, kit bag, compression tees and more. Look up our website for more information.​

2. The coaching fee is typically utilized to confirm the facility and coaches required.

  • Coaching fee will be Rs 3300/- per month inclusive of GST paid quarterly or Rs 3775/- if paid monthly.

  • Coaching fees is paid in advance by the 25th of the month. For example, dues for March is paid by 25th February.

  • We look to a minimum of 9 months of coaching engagement aligned to the academic year.

  • So please decide your commitments in advance if you have an exam schedule or holiday coming up and inform your coordinator on time. This so that the facility planning can be collectively utilized optimally. Not showing up does not help collectively managing costs.

  • Fees are non refundable once paid as fixed expenses such as facilities, coaches wages and taxes are committed thereon.

Payments can be made conveniently thru EFT, Credit/Debit Cards, Phonepe, Gpay using several modes including POS GPRS machine, sms secure link payments.

Important- Fees may need to be amended considering revision of inputs costs such as uniforms, ground charges, etc. These are notified when required.

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