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Nivia Sports is an Indian sports equipment manufacturing company based in JalandharIndia, under the banner of Freewill Sports Pvt Ltd. The firm mainly produces balls, but also provides other equipment such as team uniforms, footwear and accessories for footballbasketball, and volleyball. It has partnered with many national sports events in India.

The name "Nivia" was derived from the combination of the initials of the name of Nihal Chand Kharbanda, founder of Nivia Sports, and Vijay Kharbanda: "NI" from "Nihal" and "VI" from "Vijay"

Nivia has a trading history from 1934 and is an Indian sports superbrand. 

Prakrida has partnered directly with Nivia as a specialist and foundation football coach from the start of our store in 2015. My  selection of products from their catalog is therefore different and merit oriented. Our products are sourced directly and so is our product feedback for future development. The products below are representative due to the constant change and demand however you can be assured that you will find a functional and suitable product in these types.

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