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Coaching is a very powerful form of mastering one's own ability through others.  

We engage volunteers in a small way from various experiences to be a part of our academy`s progress. We select players who would like to spend time teaching, learn and grow over the long term. It's the zeal which counts in these volunteers. 


Prakrida football academy is currently looking for women football volunteers who are interested in teaching. They must be eager to work with boys and girls aged 5-16years and improving their game. Coaches need to be fine examples of the sport, fun and development oriented.


Interested, women between 18-24 years  who have been coached, are physically fit and can play a standard level of the game will be considered for this role after trials. Communication skills to explain techniques and display them will be the key in the assessment. 

The Prakrida environment provides an all round development to the football coach as well and is engaged in the grass root development. Our core sessions are on the weekends which allow coaches to balance their work life and interests. We work on quality rather than quantity and our batches are limited in number and ability oriented. This allows the coaches a challenge in teaching a variety of students to improve their physical health and passion for the game.

Experience in coaching is one of the key requirements for coaches to earn coaching qualifications in the future.

The slots for volunteers is limited.

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