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Football Foundation Coaching & Recreation Programs

Prakrida commenced grass root football coaching for boys and girls on Saturdays and Sundays from the 26th Dec 15.

These sessions are catered to children who are looking to improving their physical fitness and football skills at a foundation level in a structured playing pool. Our primary effort is for the kids to have fun and learn the basics of the sport for a longer lasting engagement. 

With a convenient playing location around Indiranagar, artificial grass facility of standard, a team of effective coaches, good time slots, development structure and administration, parents would find these sessions very effective for costs, convenience and value.

We evaluate players in batches based on the age and competence. Our effort in the initial stages of ages 5-16 years, is to impart foundation football lessons at the basic and advanced levels which helps them in their physical development, irrespective of the sport they choose later. This will help them pursue their interests in school teams, local leagues, fitness and recreation or professional leagues.

We continue to remain small school in our efforts to ensure we maintain our personalized supervision over kids across batches. The capacity of our programs is 100 students. Our coaches are experienced on the subject and will give the children the right boost they need.  Contact us for a free trial weekend session!

Coaching annual program (June-March):

This is our recommended foundation program. Our span of coaching supervision is smaller for better learning. With a captive learning period of 9 months in the year, the development is intended through the long term for best results.

  • Ages 5-8 years, Saturday and Sunday, JBS Football Ground, CV Raman nagar between 0945-1100h. 

  • Ages 8-12 years, Saturday and Sunday, JBS Football Ground, CV Raman nagar between 0830-0945h.

  • Ages 12-16 years, based on selection, Friday at JBS Football Ground, CV Raman nagar between 1930-2100h, & Sunday  at SUFC from 1650-1830h.

  • U9/U11 League team, based on selection. Wed/Sat/Sun, JBS/SUFC.

Recreational, Football for Fitness Group

We conduct mixed football sessions for recreation for men and women over 16 years. These are typically catered to school, college, working class who would like to keep their connect with the sport and team mates. Individuals sign up for these sessions on a monthly basis after a trial session. We make mutual assessments of a fit. These sessions are a regular kick about on a quality, artificial grass facility around Indiranagar, focused on fitness and good clean fun. 

  • AmateursMen and women, Ages 16+years, @ JBS football ground.

Saturday and Sunday 0945-1100, 6v6.

We do focus on football basics, fitness and individual skill for 30 minutes and move to a 40 min game. Regularity is the key here to progress to the advanced group! Book your free, promotional trial.

  • Women`s league teamAges 16+years @ JBS football ground.

Friday, 1930-2100h.

  • Advanced group, Men and women, Ages 16+years, @ SUFC, Ulsoor.

Tuesday 1930-2100h, 6v6. Women`s.

Thursday 2000-2130h, 8v8.

Sunday from 1700-1830h, 8v8

At SUFC the groups are focused on recreational football play. 


In the event of the facility being unavailable due events, repairs, etc. on occasions our sessions may be rescheduled.

Summer camp (April-May):

A great way to sign up for our annual program! Try out our short term classes during the vacations in April and May to evaluate if your child likes the play group and our methods. Our classes are on Wednesday 1830-1945h, Saturday and Sunday from 0830-1100h for ages 5-16 years.  The 75 minute session will be decided based on the age group and fit. Matches by visiting teams add to the experience. Cost for the sessions is Rs 4700/- per month. We encourage you to find time for other sports and activities during your summer for long term football development. These 4 sessions a week, will go a long way in learning football in a balanced way.

Matches, tournaments and leagues:

We do engage in local matches regularly at this level of development. We are selective of the tournaments that we enter considering several factors including learning, costs and parental needs. Many of our students do get selected for their school teams and play in short term leagues. This has shown satisfactory results for this level of engagement. We are currently not part of any formal league programs like the district or state level I-league etc. We are working on building our own district, C division team in the future.

The international football training tour:

A very important need in the current scenario for building football professionals. If the student is showing immense talent and desire locally, the need is to benchmark with international standards for results. In this handpicked program to aid decision making, we associate with international programs of short term of standard. We together study the result of the dip stick before suggesting long term programs and interests for a career in football as a player.  Ideally suited for students we have coached for at least 2 years and in the age group of 12-16 years. 

Encouraging holistic development at grassroots:

Our focus is the long term and we look at standard formal classes of 2 days per week for 9 months in this program for best results. We encourage the kids to have fun and work their way into their school teams. We encourage that they engage in other sports for holistic, long term development and football. Our focus on the elementary age/stage is about learning rather than competition. So get more from that swimming, basketball, badminton, yoga, dance sessions and build that variety to your football. Some of our coaches are certified swimming, yoga coaches too.

Online classroom session:

A bi- monthly online classroom environment for a host of topics/workshops that we cant cover in our field sessions for our enrolled students. These sessions will be interactive with selected coaching videos, discussions, game analysis, trivia, fun and so on. Exercise techniques, if any will be for the first 30 mins followed by theory.

Attendance will be needed for all students from ages 10-14 years for interactive learning. (With video on, of course!) These topics range from skills analysis/improvement, resistance band exercises, foam roller exercises, anti burst ball exercises (latest injury prevention methods), Yoga, tactics, communication skills and so on. Yes, we can be resourceful however a few products may need to be purchased for best effect of these workshops.

These sessions on the 2nd ( free) and 4th ( paid) Sundays of the month from 5-6 pm will be part practical and theory. It will give the students a head start in the foundation stage to grow holistically, learn more consistently and stay connected with the entire team. I imagine these sessions to have a larger impact than football.

These sessions will also allow us to connect with guest speakers from a wide range of topics like nutrition, physiotherapy, mental conditioning, sports careers and more. These speaker sessions may cost the student per session/head based on the speaker. The paid sessions would be optional with confirmed minimum participants. This would be useful for those seeking value/network or maybe building a career ahead in the speaker/topic avenues.

Please make the best of these sessions and we will do our best to keep the kids engaged to improve their game creatively.

We launched our online classroom sessions during lock downs and currently paused.

An academy store to source your needs:

To make the efforts sustainable and to support your needs, Prakrida football store was launched to ensure sourcing the right training products is a given. Selected out of experience find a range of products with quality in mind with trusted brands. Always find that exclusive deal for students of the academy and referrals. A network of trusted connects that you have access to ensure that the focus is on sports development and convenience for the long term.

Facilities used:

JBS Football Ground. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Rd, Krishnappa Garden, C V Raman Nagar, Bengaluru- 560075.

JBS is a private, artificial grass, all weather facility. It has 2, 6v6 courts and can be adjusted to a single 9v9 format.

It has sufficient parking for 2 and 4 wheeler within the facility. It has a change room, toilets, waiting area and a café.

Football shoes for this court are trainers(TF) , Artificial Grass (AG), Firm Ground. (FG).

Playing with any other type of shoe such as Futsal, jogging, badminton etc. is not recommended and risks severe injuries at all levels. 

South United Football Club, RBANM's Grounds, Gate, No 3, Gangadhar Chetty Rd, near Ulsoor, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042.

The private facility at SUFC is modern and has all the latest facilities for football. Football courts in the 6v6,7v7,9v9 and 11v11 in the full football field format. This is an artificial grass surface with a requirement of Football shoes for this court are Artificial Grass (AG), Firm Ground. (FG). 
All the latest amenities such as 2/4 wheeler parking, café, change, rest rooms, seating area, flood lights, gym and more are available.

COVID-19 Health safety playing precautions/conditions

Please note our best efforts requiring your support and understanding to ensure a safe and healthy session. 
1.    Get your own mask/sanitizer/water bottles/toilet paper/liquid soap as part of your kit.
2.    Get your own personal football supplied as part of your uniform. Please no sharing. 
3.    Keep your kit bags as well distant from each other and in the designated area only.
4.    Game ball will be a different ball maintained by the academy and sanitized.
5.    Practice social distancing at all times during session and your breaks.
6.    Practice hygiene. In case you need to spit for example due to performance related issues, ask for guidance. There are safe areas.
7.    Avoid the session in case you or a family member is unwell, such as a cough/cold/fever and have signs of being asymptomatic.
8.    Use the breaks to sanitize your hands.
9.    Avoid handling anything in the facility including the coaching equipment such as cones/hurdles. Ask for assistance by your coach or ensure you sanitize immediately.
10.    Take maximum care at the facility rest rooms. Use your own toilet paper if needed and soap.
11.    During physical performance during the session the masks can be removed.
12.    Avoid socializing after or before your session. Please exit the facility at the earliest.

Game Rules
1.    No handling of the ball or throw ins. 
2.    Goal keeper with Gloves only.
3.    We will be regulating the numbers to 6v6 half court or 10v10 full court.


Contact your coaching staff in case of any clarifications or assistance. Minimize the risk and enjoy your immunity boost of football!

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