It is my effort to work on associations that work on improved customer utility and convenience in line with goods and services. These foster value to my specialty in bringing about results in the long term to a football player.

Accusure- An Indian company specializing with manufacturing and import of health products. We source their Ortho products like ankle, knee supports for sports injury rehabilitation.

ARMR- A Bangalore based company specializing in quality sports gear. Made with new age ultra light, effective fabrics, we focus on their football compression products, pre and post work out jackets, pants, sports bras, women's capries, pants. These can be used for other cardio sports.

Adidas-Prakrida is a partner distributor and works with the sourcing distributor to bring in the right designs, price points and products for foundation football in our conditions. These include shoes, apparel and merchandise. 

Bull Ring- A 5 a side, flood lit arena in Indiranagar, Bangalore for a football kick about. Prakrida Football Academy conducts its weekend grass root coaching for 5-8 years at the facility. 

Loggerheads- is a brand manufactured by MAYCH, Jalandhar, India. They have a manufacturing and trade history from 1960`s and are working on quality footballs.

JBS Football Ground- is in C V Raman Nagar, Bangalore. We conduct our annual advanced weekend coaching program at this venue for boys and girls aged 9-18years.

Nivia- is an Indian sports super brand by Freewill Sports Pvt Ltd. With a trading history from 1934, they have built an exceptional story of support to the sporting fraternity over the generations. Prakrida is proud to be associated with the brand from its inception and focus on foundation sports. We stock their footballs, football shoes, shin guards, goal keeper gloves and so on. Nivia`s team football sets are very popular as well. Retail orders of their other catalogue products are also taken. Our engagement at the user level is different from other traders as a specialist. We coordinate directly with the team in Jalandhar to foster improved products, design and success in the future.

Nutrifymydiet and Nutra Supplements, a scientific approach to sports nutrition. We work with the sports nutritionist of Nutrifymydiet in identifying an individual's requirement of sports nutrition. We then distribute quality products made by Nutra Supplements, Pune which make these products. Nutra has been in research with the Army sports Institute from 2004. This to ensure that world class reliability is the essence even for leisure or budding talents.

Physiobefit: Sports Physiotherapists and injury rehab. #277, ground floor, 1st main defence colony, Indiranagar, Bangalore-560038. Apart from referring our own students, we work closely with the clinic to identify useful, latest and economical sports orthopedic products for our football players to keep a strong core.

Piranhasportswear-is a new age brand from Coimbatore, India. With generations of experience in the manufacture of apparel, we have collaborated with Piranha to bring out the best sports wear for football in the mid segment. The focus is on team wear such as match jersey sets, stockings, track suits. Uniform for the back up team of coaches, managers, medical teams. Customized sublimation printing, premium fabrics, tailor made products for the new age teams backed up with design and support. Our support to Pirhana is the constant product development via testing and user feedback.  We are testing our academy uniforms with Piranha team sets from 2018.

Six5Six Sport: Is the Indian manufacturer of the Indian national football jersey and other merchandise. Prakrida has been associated with the brand from the start and are the select few core distributors. We are proud to support the brand and the national team in its efforts to distribute merchandise and reach out to its fans.

Soccertutor UK-Set up by West Ham player George in the 2001, Soccertutor is a specialist in coaching material. Their topics of publishing are on various aspects of football coaching such as tactics, analysis, conditioning, styles, best practices and so on. Prakrida is now working on filling this void of making their products more accessable for foundation coaches who would like to study various aspects before coming out with their own.

Subside Sports UK: Appointed as an official distributor for Subside Sports UK for the country on 21Aug20. My efforts to the fans will be to facilitate access to the best, authentic, world class official football shirts and other merchandise. What a delightful way to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary for a football fan going forward! Explore a new world of merchandise. Support and contribute to your clubs and teams by buying the original merchandise.

Vector X- is an Indian value sports brand by Soccer International, Jalandhar, manufacturing and trading from 1976. We work directly in the selection of footballs and football products.

Vinex- is an Indian value sports brand from Meerut manufacturing and trading from 1957, We selected them for their quality and updated coaching products. Vinex is  an exporter of quality products to the academies and clubs across the world.

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