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Summer Camp-April 2024.

Summer camp 22 flyer 2.png

Kids, this summer, discover that world of football or make that difference in your football game. Simple, sign up for our summer camp to see if the sport suits an active you or by playing more with different players at the next level. A great way to consider signing up for our annual program too!

Prakrida football academy has been coaching football in the Indiranagar area from 26Dec15. We like small groups of kids and engage them in our favorite sport.


Find time to learn more this summer! Announcing the summer vacation plan by Prakrida football academy. Try out our coaching style, make new friends and stay fit with a game of football. 


Features: ​​

  • Players will be assessed by the coaches, after initial trials for a playgroup when we start.

  • The sessions focus on individual and team technical development for beginners and advanced learners.

  • Batch of boys and girls, ages 05-14 years.   

  • Friendly matches with visiting teams. 

  • Football, jersey and shorts, football shoes, shin guard’s compulsory.

  • No uniforms or kit will be provided.

  • 10% discount at the Prakrida store for purchases during this period for all students who have enrolled.

  • Please fill the registration form and read our academy policies. Contact the administrator for any  related questions.


JBS Football Ground. 

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Rd, Krishnappa Garden,
C V Raman Nagar, Bengaluru- 560075.


  • From 3 April, Wednesday. 

  • April and May.

  • On Wednesday-1830-1945H, Saturday & Sunday, between 0830-1100h.

  • The 75min hour slot will be finalized based on the age group.

  • Last day to register 30Mar24.


  • All 3 days of the week- Wed/Sat/Sun Rs 4700.

  • Weekend batch-Rs 3775.

Charges are per month, paid at the start of the month.

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