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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Prakrida draws connect and value from a Sanskrit word, प्रक्रीड . Translated, "प्र-Pra" meaning place of and "क्रीड-Krida" meaning sport. Our logo symbolizes this confluence of the past, present and future for our work to be relevant, differently. 

We are a specialized football store and Academy. As a certified foundation football coach, Prakrida is an outcome of experience, opportunity and selective stocking of gear and accessories. My endeavor is to offer a varied choice, at a cost plus quality model that values your budget and is effective to the level of game you play.

The store of about 600 square feet is located in a vibrant area of Bangalore’s central business district- Indiranagar. The multi-brand collection is sourced only from authorized distribution channels to encourage merit of products. The products are constantly tested and advised by sports enthusiasts and network of feedback. The core collection celebrates ‘The Spirit of Football’ and encourages the grass root players and their training needs.

Select sports goods which revolve around a football players lifestyle such as personal fitness accessories, custom team sets, sports nutrition, orthopedic supports, football souvenirs, foosball table and more.

Sports goods to an athlete is about subjectivity, usage and selection. As it effects performance, these products typically need trial or guidance. Prakrida`s store enables the sports person to try, feel his products before purchase rather than regret later or risk injury.

No fakes or malicious discounts! I source products that perform for my customers and brands that strive for their worth. This includes official club merchandise which are licensed and sourced through proper channels.


Please schedule a store visit.

A selection of products are now available online and on These are products like books by Soccertutor, select souvenirs, sports goods and more. Customers now have the option of in store and online purchases. Please ask for more information if unsure and avoid returns. We like everyone to have a pristine product!


Most Bangalore customers can reach out to an exclusive and subjective range of products not available online such as football gear, fragile club mugs, clocks and limited edition souvenirs. Through coordination, the time spent in the store is lower and effectiveness of purchase is accurate. Premium express delivery by using a pick up agent from store front adds value in circumstances. The reserve and collect guidance gives customers the option to review their selection at the store quickly and purchase them satisfactorily. 

The catalog and prices here are indicative, representative and subject to change. Do inquire if you have any specific requirements or visit the store for the latest offers and selections. If you are in a group or have team inquiries, please call and schedule your visit.

Welcome to my Prakrida!

Hemant-Coach & proprietor.

Football boots and shoes
Cutom team sets
Nutra Supplements
Core fitness products
Ortho supports
Football Gifts
Prakrida Football Academy
Coaching products

Our Story


While being coached and trained in a C division Bangalore team from 1988-1994, I had chosen not to take the route of a professional player due to the circumstances prevalant.

There was always a regular game for recreation ever since with the club or corporate football team. In 2010 I started as a volunteer coach for my friends daughters, school team. That`s when the journey of Prakrida was presented. I realised that much had not changed at the grass roots both at the goods and services level for those pursuing the sport. We decided to make that difference in "What should be" in the community we served. 

Our insights and experiences as users of both products and coaching over decades gave us the belief that our work as grass root coaches and store managers will make huge difference to the customers we serve. I thereon started identifying the enterprise of this oppourtinty while being employed full time. The concept of a specialised store was therefore conceived.


 23 Oct 2015 was our store launch and I intend bringing about a quality experience around sports retail, time and again. Importantly, most of the products sourced receive direct performance feedback and are identified for value and product development with the manufacturers. This brings about a progressive improvement in value products to the grass root sports person.

Prakrida Football Academy conducts foundation football coaching sessions for about 75 children from 26 Dec 2015. Our group of coaches hold various national and international qualifications for foundation football.

Prakrida is associated with Nutra Supplements and Nutrifymydiet. Both are professionals in scientific sports nutrition considering age, gender, intensity, body types while providing solutions to aspiring and professional sports persons.

My addition in January 20 are technical books for coaches by UK. These world class books are current, relevant and written by excellent coaches and specialists in their field. This should enable and empower our coaches at all levels to have access to knowledge and methods for better performing teams.

On 21Aug20, my efforts to market official world football shirts and printing to the India region rolled out with UK. They are the oldest and best in this specialization with a delightful range of products. Do look up their range.

We continue to make that difference in both our coaching work and store despite all the odds.

Meet The Team

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