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Sports Behavioural & Conditioning programs

Prakrida is pleased to collaborate with Positive Impact to bring sports behavioural conditioning work shops at the foundation level for small academies, schools, colleges, corporate and competitive teams. Sports conditioning is now an important aspect of development for cutting edge teams in the developed world. Training students in the foundation stage can have far reaching impact and results in the psychological and social quadrant of holistic sports development.

Positive Impact customizes programs that work at levels, audience and towards sports development. Aimed at quality driven workshops from the foundation to pro level, these workshops articulate the various behavioral aspects a sports person should work upon for wellness and impact.

These workshops, as conceived, would be of value and service to our future sports persons by application of a wealth of theory in their abilities and talents.





Leadership Coach | NLP Practitioner | Communication & Behaviour Expert

Harshita is a certified  leadership coach and an NLP Practitioner having a Master’s in Applied Psychology.

She is the founder of POSITIVE IMPACT, a boutique Learning & Development firm that designs and delivers leadership solutions.


Her core area of work with individuals and team include – Individual Coaching and Behavioral Skills Training. Her single focus as a trainer is to help people to realize their leadership potential by embracing new challenges and delivering on results. She has successfully trained 4500 hours & over 5000 people across varied industries.


As a trainer, Harshita uses variety of learning techniques to accommodate new realities in learner’s, behaviors, habits and preferences that helps them raise their performance bar. She possesses a strong ability to collaborate with learners and teach new concepts in an effective manner. She is an expert in teaching group dynamics using Transactional Analysis tools. She also uses  language and behavior profiling techniques to effectively build motivation and the desire to change in individuals.


Harshita engages with learner’s to help them build a positive image of themselves by heightening their emotional intelligence, building resilience in them and strengthening solutions thinking. Her facilitation creates powerful realisations that motivates people to aim and achieve a positive impact in their chosen field.

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