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  • Are you from Bangalore and thinking of that birthday or anniversary gift for that crazy football fan at short notice?

  • Contact us for your requirement.

  • We can confirm and coordinate what`s in stock and guide you through your needs.

  • There may be new products not displayed here or a few in this list that may have sold out.

  • Products could be fragile items like club mugs or a large framed poster that are Bangalore exclusive.

  • Some of the products like the maxi framed posters will be needed to be collected in store as they may not be accepted by shippers due to the size.

  • Visit the store during the working hours and check out before purchase.

  • However do check our store visit conditions under

  • We can express ship with applicable charges to you within 10kms radius in Bangalore in 2-3 hours.

  • Our product range on other selling platforms may be limited.

Customers from rest of the country, please do call during store hours or on WhatsApp, if you need any clarification before purchase. Ill get back to you at the earliest.

We typically would like to get your order right and avoid a return at all costs!

We stock licensed and official club merchandise only! No cheap imitations or illegal replicas for sale here. Pre-orders are based on quantity and may take up to 3 weeks. Prices may vary considering quantity, rate of exchange, customs duty rates, shipping rates like DHL/FEDEX/UPS.

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