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Considering the latest developments and lock down, we have restarted our weekend online sessions from 1 May and will continue in July. These will be on Saturday and Sunday from 1655-1800h. These sessions have concluded on 31Jul21.


It is extremely important for our growing children to stay fit, especially through these uncertain and extended period. Further, exercising together and connected as a team is a different motivating experience under the supervision of a coach. We have learnt to adapt our coaching methods in these circumstances online.


Prakrida Football Academy has been coaching football at the foundation level for kids between 5-17 years from 26Dec15. Our primary focus is to encourage the kids to love the sport and stay fit using football methods. 

On 18 April 20, during the exceptional times of COVID-19, we launched exclusive online sessions for our students/parents to maintain a basic level of football fitness until we return to the training pitch. Students between 7-14 years have found most value and progress in their skill development in these sessions as an interim measure to pitch training.

We concluded these sessions on 28Feb21 as most of our students returned to field training.

If you are not from our academy and would like to sign in only into our online sessions regularly please contact me for our paid session plan. This program may be amended in the future based on the developments.

Resources needed for these sessions:

·         Best on a PC/WiFi with a good signal/Wired speaker connected for audio.

·         Secure Google Meet/Zoom sessions.

·         10 feet x 10 feet non-skid clear practice area to avoid unnecessary injuries.

·         A football, sports apparel like shorts/tights/tee and sport shoes.

·         A bottle of water and other resources found at home to use as exercise objects, such as markers.


Important disclaimer:

Our exercises are suited for kids aged 5 years onwards and is cardio in nature. Parent can log into the session remotely to monitor considering safety. You may need a basic level of fitness to perform these exercises. If you are a beginner, ensure you do not exert and gradually increase the intensity. Please consult a physician if you have any pre-existing conditions or ailments.

Prakrida Football Academy or its coaches will not be responsible for any unforeseen outcomes in this regard.


The fees is Rs 1200/- for the 8 sessions, all inclusive and paid in advance.

More in the family are welcome to join in per log in and work out with us.

Please contact me for your 2 free trials before signing up.


Stay safe, healthy and motivated!

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