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Policies & Forms

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We would like to continue strengthening a few core aspects of our work in this coaching journey. We bench mark our coaching and welfare standards with best practices and will update them accordingly.

Communication on digital platforms like Whats app

We use digital solutions to organise and stay connected with regard to change in session timings, cancellations, postponement, match schedules and so on. Therefore no spam messages to avoid the clutter. Please take care on the content you share, as these groups may contain students permitted by parents. If you have something useful to share like a community post or a discount offer that  benefit our closed group, please let me know before you send them out.

Photography and video for social sharing on website, Facebook, media.

We do use the digital capture for performance review and social sharing in our closed groups. We do share them with our coaching whats-app groups for example with parents. Where applicable, especially publicly, parental permission is taken.

Non football events

There may be occasions where the academy may be involved in going on a football match, picnic, cinema or a get together. We would involve parents in this activity.


Our programs are run on this key foundation. Respect all, including the coaches, referees, other teams, volunteers and so on without discrimination. This includes the respect you receive that impacts you. While this has not been a concern so far considering our close understanding of our students  and parents, we do have designated parents to approach for guidance on subjects of bullying for example.

Photography by anyone, including the kids, is prohibited in changing rooms in use is another example.
It is my constant effort to work on several aspects in this regard. 

Safeguarding children

Please know your coaching team. Our coach`s focus is to ensure a safe and enjoyable training environment. Do update the coach if there is any concern for the day or any health needs or medication.

Please ensure you entrust/collect your child for the training session directly with the coaches if you have designated someone for the task.

If you observe something unusual during training, do let us know. 


Inclusive and progressive

In an effort to keep pace on performance and results, we evaluate feedback from a parents and students group. We do look at the feasibility as a group on these aspects. 


If you need any clarifications or have any concerns, please do let me know directly.

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