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Program Name      :        ‘BUILD Influence’

Duration                                 :           1 Day

Delivery Format                      :            Instructor Led Experiential Learning Workshop


Program Objective

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Understand how the Process of Influence works

Learn methods to lead conversations by using Powerful Questions

Develop deep listening abilities while in conversation to respond impactfully

Develop Strategies to Win Friends before they can be Influenced


Module 1 – Build Questioning and Listening Skills

  • Learn to Ask Powerful Questions

  • Learn 7 Question Types to lead conversations

  • Learn Intentional Listening

  • Develop Empathy in Listening


Module 2 – Managing Difficult Conversations

  • Manage Argumentative Situations Effectively

  • Stating your Point of View with Diplomacy

  • Learn Mediation Techniques


Module 3 – The Art of Influence

  • Familiarize with Dr. Robert Cialdini’s - Six Principles of Influence

  • Create rapport through Matching, Mirroring, and Pacing

  • 5 Key Influencing Strategies


Module 4 – The Process of Influence

  • Understand factors that lead to Influence

  • Learn to use Bridging Technique in Conversations

  • Manage Emotions while Communicating


" Influence is our inner ability to lift people up to our perspective.”

 – Joseph Wong


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