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Foundation / Holistic / Relevant-since 2015.
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 Focus on leisure and recreation. Familiarize yourself with prices and brands. 

Actual prices may vary based on import date. Products may vary based on availability. 

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Football shoes- suited for artificial grass, firm/grass ground and entry level performance.

Football gear -Footballs, shin guards, football socks, goal keeper gloves.

Football apparel -Jersey sets, goal keeper sets, compression skins, tights, jackets, pants, customized team and kids jersey set


Coaching products- like marking cones, hurdles, speed ladders, stop clocks.

Coaches football technical books-Books to keep coaches updated on new analysis and coaching methods.

Accessories- Water sippers, kit bags, ball bags, ball pumps, referee cards, captain bands.

Multi Sports- Select products for leisure by the brands we distribute like basketballs, volleyballs or order them. Apply our

apparel collection for other sports.

Football fun and gifts- Foosball tables, football books, official football club souvenirs, world football shirts with prints,

posters and more.

Sports nutrition- Nutrition products based on a diet plan of a nutritionist.

Sports injuries and rehab products- Ortho supports like knee, ankle, calf compression supports. Resistance bands, loops etc.

Customized team orders for sports- with printing of names, logos, numbers on sets for football, basketball, volleyball, cricket etc.
Customized orders for corporate sports events or accessories- like tees, track suits, polo, bags, with pattern and colour printing.

Football team Physio products for on/off field management- like massage tables, kit bags, bandages,  resistance loops, yoga mats, and more.

Knowledge based  supply in large quantities to football facilities and schools.