The Book of Football Quotations Paperback

The Book of Football Quotations Paperback

The greatest football quotations collection ever, now in its ninth edition.
This compilation includes quotes from everyone – Shakespeare to Suarez, Camus to Cantona, Busby to Beckham – who has made an apt, pithy or comical comment about football. And not just footballers and managers either – fans, pundits, groundsmen, directors and wives all get to have their say too. Every subject is covered, from tactical debates to changing lifestyles, to produce a sometimes hilarious and always thought-provoking commentary on the game.

‘My players are always the best players in the world, even if they aren’t’ - José Mourinho

‘He was a quiet man, Eric Cantona, but he was a man of few words’ - David Beckham

‘Sometimes when you aim for the stars you hit the moon’ - Ian Holloway


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