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earn the Tactical Periodization Method used by some of the World's Top Coaches

  • Improve all attributes (technical, conditioning & decision making) in every tactical practice
  • Accelerate your players' tactical understanding of their positional roles & responsibilities
  • Players will react quicker, be sharper, and make better decisions in all tactical situations

This groundbreaking book written by Juan Luis Delgado Bordonau PhD and José Alberto Mendez Villanueva PhD is a complete blueprint for Tactical Periodization, providing coaches with the tools to organise the whole football training process - from one specific training practice, to full season planning.

Tactical Periodization is a proven successful football coaching method. All training is driven by tactical training. It allows you the coach, to improve all other attributes (technical, conditioning and decision making) at the same time, within every single tactical practice.

The Benefits of Tactical Periodization:

  • Helps you accelerate your players' understanding of their positional roles and responsibilities in an efficient way, which ultimately improves the team's tactical performance
  • Assures your players are always prepared tactically, mentally and physically for competitive matches
  • Your players (and team) will react quicker, be sharper, and make better decisions in all tactical situations


This is your chance to learn the Tactical Periodization method which has been applied by top coaches, with José Mourinho being the most influential and successful. Other examples are Vitor PereiraLeonardo JardimBrendan RodgersMarco SilvaNuno Espírito Santo and André Villas-Boas.

Many other top coaches ( Pep Guardiola among them) have adopted part of these Tactical Periodization principles, building their training method around the development of a game model and its principles, using the tactical dimension to lead their training.

This book includes:

  • The background and development of Tactical Periodization
  • The Methodological Principles
  • The Game Model (specificity)
  • Tactical Organisation in the 4 Phases of the Game
  • Analysing the Previous Match Performance
  • Analysing the Next Opponent
  • Weekly Training Objectives
  • Training Sessions for a 1 Match Week
  • Training Sessions for a 2 Match Week

There are many Tactical Topics and Training Practices including:

  • Building Up Play from the Back and Creating Overloads Against a Compact 4-4 Formation
  • Attacking with "Third Man Runs"
  • Reorganising into Defensive Block Positions
  • Pressing as a Collective Unit + Fast Break Attack
  • Dropping Off, Compactness and Counter Attack with Switch of Play
  • Defending Direct Play into 2 Forwards and Winning the Second Ball

Full Book Contents: CLICK HERE

Vitor Frade "The Father of Tactical Periodization"

Manuel da Costa (Vitor) Frade is the creator of Tactical Periodization. He is known in Portugal, Brazil and Spain as one of the world's greatest experts and thinkers when it comes to football methodologies.

Vitor revolutionised football coaching by combining all phases of the game, making sure that the tactical dimension is at the forefront of every training session - there is no need for specific physical, tactical or technical training.

The "Game Model" guides the entire training process.

This philosophy is based around getting the players to think, learn and develop, to make the right decisions based on the coach's style of play. This leads to performance stabilisation throughout the season.

Vitor Frade pictured in the centre with both authors José (left) and Juan (right)

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