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Soccertutor- Coaching transition play Vol 2.
  • Soccertutor- Coaching transition play Vol 2.

    Coaching Transition Play
    Full Sessions from the Tactics of
    Pochettino, Sarri, Jardim & Sampaoli
    Learn to "Coach Transition Play" - Defence to Attack and from Attack to Defence
    with 83 Practices based on 22 Transition Game Situations from the Tactics of:
    Mauricio Pochettino, Maurizio Sarri, Leonardo Jardim and Jorge Sampaoli

    After the hugely popular Coaching Transition Play book, volume 2 provides more new ideas to help coaches improve their training sessions in the most important phases of the modern game - the transition phases.

    Some of the best performing coaches and teams during the transition phases in recent years ( Pochettino's Tottenham, Sarri's Napoli, Jardim's Monaco & Sampaoli's Sevilla) have been studied so you the coach, can learn to input their tactics into your training sessions.

    This book provides tactical analysis of Mauricio Pochettino, Maurizio Sarri, Leonardo Jardim and Jorge Sampaoli's tactics.
    Michail Tsokaktsidis is a UEFA ‘A’ Licence coach and has used this analysis to produce 20 full sessions (83 practices) including:

    • Transition Games
    • Fast Break Attacks
    • Counter Attacking
    • Small Sided Games
    • Pressing to Win the Ball
    • Defensive Reactions to Recover the Ball
    • Team Shape and Organisation

    You can use these ready-made sessions to practice these top coaches' tactics and find solutions for every tactical situation:

    • Transition from defence to attack in the LowMiddle and High Zones.
    • Transition from attack to defence in the LowMiddle and High Zones.
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