The Talking Canvas-kids collection

The Talking Canvas is a brand dedicated to inspiring people with art. We believe art can truly inspire people, especially children.This, combined with our own passion for art, has helped us create a unique concept. We have meaningfully intertwined our business model with a passion for art.
We use kids’ artwork and our quirky design ideas to bring you a casual wear brand with a conscience. Through our unique concept, we empower underprivileged kids by supplying art materials and conducting art sessions for them.
Our ultimate goal is to assist kids to become self-aware and creative by expressing themselves through art.For this reason, we conduct art sessions and workshops in our community, with NGOs or in collaboration with schools. To create our designs, we make use of hand-drawn drawings made by kids, who we feature as our young artists. In a nutshell, we let kids create magic with art and we supply the canvas.It’s truly rewarding to see the excitement on the faces of our young artists when they see their artwork on apparel. This unique concept makes them think big and knows that they can indeed dream big!
We are a very young brand and we launched our first designs in October last year We are so excited that our customers love our concept, designs, and our quality. Our t-shirts are a canvas to showcase kids artwork and we ensure we use the original drawings in its truest form. Our experienced design team will add design elements to make the artwork pop.So far, we have already made tremendous progress as a brand and we know that with your continued support this brand will only inspire and empower more and more kids.

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