PIRANHA SPORTS-Custom team orders

  • Customise your team colours, patterns, name, numbers and logos.

  • We do not infringe copyrighted products of clubs etc.

  • Minimum of 8 team sets undertaken.

  • Costing is based on several factors based on the work involved and the quantity.

  • Printing is mainly completed via the sublimation method.

  • This permits clarity of print detail, unique patterns and no colour runs.

  • Polos for back up staff like medical team, officials, corporates can be cotton fabric as well.

  • Corporate orders to completely customise apparel to a specification is undertaken. Conditions apply.

  • Premium ventilated fabrics used with focus on quality finishing. 

  • Piranha brand logo will feature on the product.

  • Prices below is indicative and is based on the final work required.

  • A quote will be provided on finalisation of the requirement.

Pricing is based on work such as fabric, print type single sublimation/ double sublimation and amount of tailored work. This entails more labour, material costs and shipping. Quantity does make a difference to the pricing. Orders require 10-12 days on confirmation to be fulfilled.


Do visit the store for feel of fabric and fits. We have successfully fulfilled several large orders of clubs and corporates.

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