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Prakrida is essentially an offline, specialty football store and has added a convenience on select products to be sold online. Select football fan merchandise is now set to reach across the country with online platforms like Amazon. We have encountered unfair restrictions by online platforms and are therefore unable to extend a wider range you see on our website. 

We take our returns seriously and would like to find a perfect match for your utility. We are now online and direct on a select range of products!

Most of our performance products including accessories need to be checked out before purchase. We source and stock very differently in tune to the changing needs of our academy students and testing to stay current. Look here for products selected by football coaches who seek performance more than fancy discounts. No fakes, our sourcing is from the best for value and performance.

Some of these products may be Bangalore exclusive as they may be fragile or large. Other sports goods like footballs, ball pump, skipping rope, push up bars and so on can be shipped once confirmed. 


Many other offline products can be purchased directly from us, with a few added steps of certainty, as we do not like returns, the time lost and to ensure we fulfill your order to your satisfaction. Call or send a whats-app message during store hours if you need any assistance in closing your purchase.

Please do not pay for products from the offline store added in your cart until confirmed by the store. Use the manual payment option to submit products from the offline store.


If you are sure on what you need or repeating your order, go ahead, submit your order by using the manual payment option. On receipt of your order we will confirm within 24-48 hours the availability, then proceed with the payment and shipping.

Thank you for your patronage and happy shopping,


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