Prakrida is essentially an offline store.


Despite finding products online at inviting prices, sports goods, unlike other products, require you try out at the store for fit, usage, performance and comfort. These may be different football shoe types, shin guards, stockings, jersey sets, compression jerseys, capris, knee supports, sports nutrition, souvenirs and so on.


These products are subjective to every customer and designs of every manufacturer is different. In addition most of the products curated need some amount of user guidance to the sports person and this is better achieved at our store. Its better to try them rather than regret later or risk injury. Understanding the quality and need of the product may also result in an effective purchase for the customer thereby resulting in savings. The returning customer has new products with better designs to review when he makes a new purchase. So these specialized products we do not sell on line as they are ineffective to the customer and to us.

You will find a variance in products in store from our website as we only present the products and price points for representation. So do call and check if you need something specific.


Lot of these products are used by our own academy students. Based on player feedback and our experience, we constantly work with manufacturers to develop products for the grass root player. So you can trust us on the quality of the products as we use only genuine suppliers in the development of the sport and athletes.

If you have bought the products before and want to buy them again, we can arrange for them to be shipped to you within Bangalore. Since most of our products focus on economy we will not accept refunds once shipped as the logistics costs may defeat the reason they were shipped. We can also make exceptions based on your requirement to ship them across the country on the same terms.

Prakrida is a registered trademark.

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