Prakrida Football Academy.

We have resumed our weekend field sessions from 10th July. These are on Saturday and Sunday from 0800-1010h.

Please contact for more information.

Important:Prakrida Football Academy
COVID-19 Health safety playing precautions/conditions
Dear students,
Please note our best efforts requiring your support and understanding to ensure a safe and healthy session. 
1.    Get your own mask/sanitizer/water bottles/toilet paper/liquid soap as part of your kit.
2.    Get your own personal football/ bib supplied as part of your uniform. Please no sharing. (Temporary bibs will be provided, let me know if you don`t have a football)
3.    Keep your kit bags as well distant from each other and in the designated area only.
4.    Game ball will be a different ball maintained by the academy and sanitised.
5.    Practice social distancing at all times during session and your breaks.
6.    Practice hygiene. In case you need to spit for example due to performance related issues, ask for guidance. There are safe areas.
7.    Avoid the session in case you or a family member is unwell, such as a cough/cold/fever and have signs of being asymptomatic.
8.    Use the breaks to sanitize your hands.
9.    Avoid handling anything in the facility including the coaching equipment such as cones/hurdles. Ask for assistance by your coach or ensure you sanitise immediately.
10.    Take maximum care at the facility rest rooms. Use your own toilet paper if needed and soap.
11.    During physical performance during the session the masks can be removed.
12.    Avoid socializing after or before your session. Please exit the facility at the earliest.

Game Rules
1.    No handling of the ball or throw ins. 
2.    Goal keeper with Gloves only.
3.    We will be regulating the numbers to 6v6 half court or 10v10 full court.

Contact your coaching staff in case of any clarifications or assistance. Minimize the risk and enjoy your immunity boost of football!
With thanks and regards,

Updated-25 April 21.

Visit our football academy page for more information.

Store/Academy office hours:

The store is open, however entry is restricted for walk in. Please schedule your visit.

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday: 1100h-1900h.

Saturday: 1200h-1900h.

Sunday/Wednesday: Closed.

Please check the following for updates on any unscheduled hours or closures:

  • Prakrida store timing update on Google.

  • store timings under contact us.

  • Status on whatsapp 9663029058.

Dear Patrons,
Subject: Important health safety notice.

The safety of my customers and store is of utmost importance so I will be putting a number of restrictions in place to ensure everyone is kept safe.


Please consider before you visit:  

  • COVID-19. Health safety precautions & conditions apply for entry into the store.

  • Restricted. Entry into the store only if found necessary, one customer at a time.

  • Optimise. Browse my store products online and contact for availability/stock.

  • Collect. Most products can be handed outside the premises in person or to a pick up/delivery agent with applicable products.

  • Payments. can be digital and non contact like QR/Gpay/UPI/ NEFT/GPRS POS, all types of cards.

  • Appointment. Avoid the wait, take one.

  • Notices. Read my important updates & timings on the website before you visit.

If you arrive at the store:

The store access would be limited. Please wait at the gate with adequate distancing during store hours to be attended. The store is non air conditioned. If access is found necessary the following are the precautions and conditions.

  • Do you have a fever/cough/cold?

  • Mask and gloves are mandatory.

  • Please enter without footwear.

  • Appointments on priority.

  • One customer at a time only.

  • Fill the entry register with contact details.

  • 10 minutes per customer in store.

  • Non contact digital payment options available.

  • GPRS POS, no contact credit/debit cards, QR code payments, UPI, sms link payments,GPay.

  • No trial of apparel & few other products.

  • Other conditions as they may arise.

  • Right of admission is reserved.

Please understand that I have to have these restrictions in place and that I will always be operating with a safety first mentality. I reserve the right to restrict or refuse access to the premises if I feel that safety measures cannot be upheld.

Thank you for your understanding,


For more information, please contact,

WhatsApp/Cell: 9663029058.