The annual foundation program, June- March.



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We have resumed our weekend field sessions from 10th July.

We engage the kids in the basics of football for a healthy lifestyle. Our foundation program for boys and girls, from 5-17 years, works on their early physical development and athleticism using football. Our coaches adapt to the slow and fast learners and keep them interested with various methods and fun aspects of the sport. We coach kids considering their age and competency. After their trials or annual training period, we assess them for a change in level progressively. This would mean they play with older children to continue improving their game at a higher difficulty level. The children in our academy are playing for their school teams and short term leagues. Those who have mastered our work, show merit and interest in competitive football, move to more intense and bigger academies playing league formats.

  • Level I: Age >5-8 years, boys and girls. 0900-1010hrs, Sat/Sun-2 slots available. JBS Football Ground. 

  • Level II: Age >8-12 years, boys and girls. 0900-1010hrs, Sat/Sun- Full. JBS Football Ground. 

  • Level III: Age >12-14 years, boys and girls. 0800-0910hrs, Sat/Sun- Full. JBS Football Ground.

  • Level IV: Age>14-17 years, boys and girls. 0800-0910hrs, Sat/Sun- Full. JBS Football Ground.

  • Level V: Football for fitness program. Age 18+years, men and women. 0800-0910, Sat/Sun- Full. JBS Football Ground. Please read more, below. (Advanced and not for beginners)

  • New!  Ages 16+years, women`s only, football for fitness group. (Beginners to Amateurs) Sunday at JBS Football Ground, CV Raman nagar between 1000-1110. Book your 2 free, promotional trials.10 slots available. Please read more below.

Slot timings may have occasional changes considering facility requirements.

Considering coaching observations, students may be moved batches considering their learning opportunity.

The facility address:

JBS Football Ground. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Rd, Krishnappa Garden,C V Raman Nagar, Bengaluru- 560075.

JBS is a private, artificial grass, all weather facility. It has 2, 6v6 courts and can be adjusted to a single 9v9 format.

It has sufficient parking for 2 and 4 wheeler within the facility. It has a change room, toilets, waiting area and a cafe.

Football shoes for this court are trainers(TF) , Artificial Grass (AG), Firm Ground. (FG).

Playing with any other type of shoe such as Futsal, jogging, badminton etc. is not recommended and risks severe injuries at all levels. 

Fees and charges:

1. An annual fee of Rs. 3200/- will be charged on admission or due annually. Rs 4400/- for goal keepers.

These are importantly utilized to source training equipment & uniforms. These may therefore change annually based on market costs of products as they are sourced collectively for minimum quality standards and progressive needs.

  • Quality uniform players kit comes along with the registration.

  • The uniform kit will comprise of two sets of jerseys, shorts and stockings.

  • Goal keepers kit will comprise of two sets of full sleeve padded jersey/ pant and stockings.

  • All students must have their own football based on their age and must bring them to the training or matches. This was factored as part of the kit costs but now made optional.

  • Football size- Upto 8 years size 3, 8-12 years size 4. Above 12 years size 5. These can be purchased in store at special prices for Prakrida students.

  • Football shoes and shin guards are mandatory and look to the Prakrida specialized football store to purchase the right pair at value.

The store specializes with other football accessories that you may need such as a water bottle, kit bag, compression tees and more. Look up our website for more information.

These fees are non refundable.

The uniform kit is ordered in bulk and is processed in batches at the start of the annual program. These are coordinated and in case you may have joined in late, there may be a delay. The kit may take up to 2-3 weeks in case of a size issue on confirmation and payment. The jersey sets and stockings are available at the store to sample.

2. The coaching fee is typically utilized to confirm the facility and coaches required.

  • Coaching fee will be Rs 3100/- per month inclusive of GST paid quarterly or Rs 3540/- if paid monthly.

  • Coaching fees is paid in advance by the 25th of the month. For example, dues for March is paid by 25th February.

  • We look to a minimum of 9 months of coaching engagement aligned to the academic year.

  • So please decide your commitments in advance if you have an exam schedule or holiday coming up and inform your coordinator on time. This so that the facility planning can be collectively utilized optimally.

  • Fees are non refundable once paid as facilities and taxes are committed thereon.

Payments can be made conveniently thru EFT, Cards, Phonepe, Gpay using several modes including POS GPRS machine, link payments at the Prakrida office or facility during training.


Our focus is the long term and we look at standard formal classes of 2 days per week for 9 months in this program for best results. We encourage the kids to have fun and work their way into their school teams. We are selective about the tournaments we enter based on the opportunity of learning. We engage kids with visiting teams and games throughout the program for exposure. Our focus on the elementary age/stage is about learning rather than competition. Fees for these leagues or tournaments on confirmation is borne by the parent.

Online classroom session:

A bi- monthly online classroom environment for a host of topics/workshops that we cant cover in our field sessions for our enrolled students. These sessions will be interactive with selected coaching videos, discussions, game analysis, trivia, fun and so on. Exercise techniques, if any will be for the first 30 mins followed by theory.

Attendance will be needed for all students from ages 10-17 years for interactive learning. (With video on, of course!) These topics range from skills analysis/improvement, resistance band exercises, foam roller exercises, anti burst ball exercises (latest injury prevention methods), Yoga, tactics, communication skills and so on. Yes, we can be resourceful however a few products may need to be purchased for best effect of these workshops.

These sessions on the 2nd ( free) and 4th ( paid) Sundays of the month from 5-6 pm will be part practical and theory. It will give the students a head start in the foundation stage to grow holistically, learn more consistently and stay connected with the entire team. I imagine these sessions to have a larger impact than football.

These sessions will also allow us to connect with guest speakers from a wide range of topics like nutrition, physiotherapy, mental conditioning, sports careers and more. These speaker sessions may cost the student per session/head based on the speaker. The paid sessions would be optional with confirmed minimum participants. This would be useful for those seeking value/network or maybe building a career ahead in the speaker/topic avenues.

Please make the best of these sessions and we will do our best to keep the kids engaged to improve their game creatively.

We launched our online classroom sessions from 15th August 21.

The adult Football for Fitness program.

The program is for women and men over 18 years. It brings together individuals who are working to stay fit with a regular kick about to balance their busy work life. While this program does not pursue competition level football, individuals require a basic level of football experience and fitness levels. Supervised by core football coaches, these sessions offer you quality in your football fitness, maintain a level of standard and keeps you play ready for the occasion. Rough play, sliding tackles and the drama has no room here-fitness and skills are!  Importantly this group, keeps you connected with the lifestyle of your favorite sport and team mates to stay fit with.

Ideal for college team students, corporate team players, ex league players and so on who form the playing pool. Stay clear on your goals and fun while we manage the hassle of organizing your quality game. With the back up of our academy students, a regular game or scrimmage is a given. Our hourly sessions are typically a 9v9 format with 15 mins for warm up and 45 mins of play time. Cost Rs 2000 per month of 8 sessions, paid in advance.

Purchase your budget and quality requirements from the store.

The women`s only, Football for Fitness program.

Discover the world of football and the engagement it offers for the long term. The program is for women over 16 years who want to start learning the basics of the team sport in a conducive learning environment. It brings together individuals who are working to stay fit with a regular kick about to balance their busy work life. While this program does not pursue competition level football, individuals require a basic level of fitness levels.

Explore the depth of the sport, your fitness goals, creativity that football can take you thru regularity. Supervised by coaches specializing in foundation football, these sessions offer you quality learning, growth of your game, keeping you play ready for the occasion and graduation to the next level.

Ideal for school, college students, the working class and so on who form the playing pool. Stay clear on your goals and fun while we manage the hassle of organizing your safe, quality game. With the back up of our academy students, a regular game or scrimmage is a given. Our hourly sessions are typically a 6v6 format with 10 mins warm up, 15 mins of skills development and 40 mins of play time and cool down.

We have a firm, long term reason to build this group apart from encouraging women to play football. We have come to a stage after 6 years of our coaching journey, where the girls in our academy below 16 years need to scale up at foundation level to an all women format in the future. We have therefore started building this group and is a part of our grass root development vision at all ages, stages and gender.

We started these sessions on 10th October 21. Get 2 free, trial, promotion sessions. Once confirmed these sessions cost Rs 1000 for 4 sessions a month, paid in advance.

We intend to build our playing pool  in the future and have both Saturday and Sunday sessions. This should give the players at least 6 sessions a month consistently to foster, flexibility, learning, enjoyment and results from this structure. The cost will be Rs 1500 for any 6 sessions and Rs 1800/- for all 8 sessions.

Purchase your budget and quality requirements from the store.

Coach Masthan`s annual pro training program

Do you see a display of potential and interest in your child in their existing team training? Would you like a head start and take their football game to a competitive standard in the future? Would you like to fast track their football training without getting into a residential program yet? Would you like to explore other opportunities and interests apart from football(sport, non sport and recommended for the long term development) in these early stages and yet have time for them?


If yes, please consider training under our head coach and ex India football team player, Masthan Ahmed. (More information under the coaches tab).


Following is the framework for this coaching program.

  • Select boys and girls in the age group 10-14 years who are looking to play competitive football such as a club or state.

  • Focus on individual development in this coaching program for a captive 9 months in a year for about 3 years.

  • Supplementing this program with their team coaching for a holistic and progressive development.

  • Exposure to players, matches in a similar level to step up.

  • Coaching batch time 1600-1800h in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

  • Coaching batch size 12 students.

  • 6 classes per month on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

  • Students from Prakrida will need to attend team training for at least 6 team sessions and 4 individual sessions by coach. 

How does this help?

  • Identifying talent and interest through an existing team training program at a crucial age for ideal development.

  • Building individual and personal capability through this program and changing his team contribution.

  • Keeping it fun for their age and not upsetting other routines, academic interests at this stage.

  • Considering professional burn out, a steady long term concerted effort with the right mix of training with the right guidance.

  • International training exposure, ability assessments, development and smaller financial risks to begin with at the right age.

  • A home coach to personally work on his improvement irrespective of a club or academy commitment.

  • Making decisions by his 9th or 11th grade and crucial academic stages to balance sports and educational goals.

  • Coach as a player for club, state and nation or as a talent scout understands the path for students with merit.

For selections and more information, please contact the administrator, Hemant-9663029058.

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