Annual Program


The annual foundation program, June- March.

Our annual coaching commencement dates have been deferred until further notice for kids between 5-13 years due to Covid-19. We will update this page when we have more clarity.


If you are interested, please drop us a line on whats app or email and we will keep you informed.

We have started our sessions for kids above 13 years. Please contact us for availability and slot details.

We engage the kids in the basics of football for a healthy lifestyle. Our foundation program for boys and girls, from 5-18 years, works on their early physical development and athleticism using football. Our coaches adapt to the slow and fast learners and keep them interested with various methods and fun aspects of the sport. We coach kids considering their age and competency. After their trials or annual training period, we assess them for a change in level progressively. This would mean they play with older children to continue improving their game at a higher difficulty level. The children in our academy are playing for their school teams and short term leagues.


  • Level I: Age >5-8 years, boys and girls. 0900-1015hrs, Sat/Sun-6/14 slots available. Bull Ring, Indiranagar. 

  • Level II: Age >8-11 years, boys and girls. 0945-1100hrs, Sat/Sun- 4 slots available. JBS Football Ground. 

  • Level III: Age >11-15 years, boys and girls. 0830-0945hrs, Sat/Sun. 4 slots available. JBS Football Ground.

  • Level IV: Age>15-18 years, boys and girls. 0830-0945hrs, Sat/Sun, JBS Football Ground. 8 slots available

  • Football for fitness Program: Age>18 years, men and women.Sat/Sun, 0830-0945h JBS Football ground, Batch full

The facility address:

The Bull Ring, Football & Sports Arena, Indiranagar! (Near BDA Complex, Old Madras Road, Indiranagar,

JBS Football Ground. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Rd, Krishnappa Garden,C V Raman Nagar, Bengaluru- 560075.

Fees and charges:

An annual administration fee and uniform kit charge of Rs. 3250/- will be charged on admission by 1st April. 

The uniform will be changed annually. The kit will comprise of a Name/Number Jersey, two shorts, two pairs of stockings, a bib and a training football.

Coaching fee will be Rs 3300/- per month inclusive of GST payable quarterly in advance by 20th May.
Payment can be made thru EFT, Cards, Gpay.
Contact us for more information.


Our focus is the long term and we look at standard formal classes of 2 days per week for 9 months in this program for best results. We encourage the kids to have fun and work their way into their school teams. We are selective about the tournaments we enter based on the opportunity of learning. We engage kids with visiting teams and games throughout the program for exposure. Our focus on the elementary age/stage is about learning rather than competition. Fees for these leagues or tournaments on confirmation is borne by the parent.


The kit may take up to 2 weeks in case of a size issue on confirmation and payment. The jersey sets and stockings are available at the store to sample. Students joining in between the course may not receive the player printed set as these are sourced in bulk at the start of the program in June.


A special discount for all signed up students will be offered at the store for any other additional purchases like shin guards, cleats, back packs, sippers, training aids etc.

Football for fitness Program-batch full. 
At Prakrida we have built a community of beginners and amateur football players. In this group we focus on fitness through basic football exercises and games. Ideal for working professionals who do not have time to organise a game/ play group or for enthusiasts who want to pick up the game to stay fit. We facilitate the game at a quality playing area. 



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